Tuesday, May 31, 2016

An Open Letter To: Stress and Anxiety

Dear Stress and Anxiety,

Hello again old friend, it's so nice to see you again. Not really, but we can pretend to be friends.
Thank you for following me everywhere I go. For being present every time I open my mouth, over every word I say, and over every night that I try to sleep through. Thank you for overloading me with pointless worries, and for being... In short my shadow. 
Thank you for crushing my dreams. That's been fun. 
Thank you for confusing me, and for making me cry at random, importune times. 
Thank you for making me afraid of tomorrow's activities. 
Thank you for making my body ache with fear. 
Not really. 
But that is what you do to me. You drown me in your waves. You make it hard for be to breathe even when I know what I want to do. 
But you make me feel like I'm worthless, and that my dreams don't have a point. You make me wonder what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, even though in my heart I know beyond a shadow of a doubt what I'm going to do. 
This letter is a good bye. This letter is a venomous stand. It's me standing on the Solid Rock of Jesus, and rebuking you by His blood. 
Stress and anxiety, you are not who I am. You have been confined to a hole of destruction, you just think you own me. 
I'm not going to lie, you've done a good job of tricking me into think you where more then you where. 
But my King has overcome you. 
He is put you into a lake of never ending fire. 
You have no claim over my life. 
I am not anxiety. 
I am forgiven and free by the blood, grace and power of my King Jesus Christ. 
I am free to dream. 
I am free chase the calling my King has placed on my heart. 
And dear stress, I'm not going to let you dictate my pursuit of my dreams. 
I'm not going to let you put chains on my heart. I'm not going to let you control my brain whilst I study for my dreams. 
Because contrary to what you have lead me to believe, I am smart. I can get a good grade on this test. 
Contrary to what you have led me to believe, I am loved. 
Contrary to what you have led me to believe, my God is sovereign over every inch of my life. 
Not you. 
Never you. 
My King is named Victory. He has overcome the grave. 
My King has been proclaimed sovereign. All of creation echoes that truth. 
You, are nothing. 
Dear anxiety, you are nothing in the eyes of my Creator. 
You may leave whenever you please. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. 
"I said, "I am about to fall," but Lord, your love kept me safe. I was very worried, but you have comforted me and made me happy." ~Psalm 95:18-19 

~Rachel Joy 

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