Sunday, September 13, 2015

Notes From a Cozy Corner

Something I wanted to do at the beginning of summer was just talk to you all. Like, you are awesome enough to stick with my off the wall posts, and you are just super encouraging, but I don’t really break out of my writer voice and talk just…  more personally I guess.

I obviously didn’t do that then, and I have a lot of stuff I want to talk about and I have half an afternoon and a cup of coffee, so I thought “Let’s just do this.”

First of all, who gave it permission to be fall?  School has started. I am wearing my Converse. I saw a pumpkin at Walmart. Does this mean Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are back?  Does this mean football season has started? (At the moment Does this mean that I’m turning 17?!? What even is my life right now?  

We started a co-op! I was initially really scared because it had a super strict dress code and I was like, “If people dress like this does it mean I have to learn how to milk a chicken? I can’t even figure out how to screw in a light bulb ya’ll. This could be scary.”   But no. They are just normal homeschoolers.

We are still looking for a church, but, we will find the one that God wants us in, in his perfect timing.

Oh my word… our God is an awesome God, you know that? He works in ways beyond what we could ever imagine, and it’s just… Awesome. Don’t ever forget that.

That reminds me of something really off the wall that I wanted to tell you.

I’m writing a book. Yeah. Why? I don’t know it just seemed like a logical step for my life.

I’m not very far in—mainly because I keep deleting everything, but I’m hoping to get it published sometime next year.  

I’m not sure what I’m thinking. But it’s going down. It’s kind of a devotional, because this is kind of a devotional blog, but hey. The delete button works pretty well, so this might not end up being anything. 

Stay tuned for further details.

Overall, I just want to say thank you all so much  for sticking with me through an insane summer, and for being super encouraging and amazing. Some of those comments came at the prefect time in the midst of some ‘blah’ moments, and just thank you for that.

I hope to see you all throughout the fall and far into the future!

Because I’m not sure what kind of comments there will be, do ya’ll want to just have a conversation? Ask questions, talk about stuff, ya know. Whatever. (I still don’t know what I’m doing. It could be fun.)

*As a really random note: I don’t ever want to be the blogger who is just like really distant and nonresponsive and  just sits around telling about her life and blah, blah, blah. I want to talk to you guys and hear about what God is doing. That’s why I read so many of ya’lls (is that correct usage of Ya’ll?) blogs and that jazz. So there’s that.*

“May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the LORD show you his kindness and have mercy on you. May the LORD watch over you and give you peace...” – Numbers 6:24-16

~Rachel Joy

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