Friday, June 26, 2015

My Treasures

Upon packing all my earthly possessions into boxes (With the exception of my bible, laptop, phone, pen and one notebook...) I have discovered that I have a lot of stuff!

Granted, some of it is clothes (Which I also have a lot of…) and, yes, there is a lot of things like blankets (which are amazing) but still! I have just a lot of stuff!

Although looking at the stack of boxes may look like I have a lot of earthly treasures, the truth is that a lot of my deepest treasures are my friends.

I once heard a quote by someone that said, “My Friends are My Treasures.” And yes, they really are. Friends are awesome treasures.

As a note that might seem slightly random, I have found that since I pretty much have the choice between writing, photography, staring at walls, cleaning, and playing piano, I’ve been playing the piano a lot. (*Ahem* which means procrastinating on the cleaning…)

One of the songs I’ve been obsessed with is “We Fall Down” By Chris Tomlin. Although I’ve loved this song for practically centuries, this one line has been making me think a good bit.

I lay down my treasure before your holy throne. I lay down my wants and needs to live for you alone…” *Gulp*

Does that involve surrendering? Because I’m discovering although I can spell it and use it in a sentence I don’t really know what it means.

Yes, I kind of know what it means, but I don’t like doing it. I would rather keep my treasures. I mean, there is a reason that they are called treasures. Because you love them and hold them close, yeah?

To have those treasures and to lay them down at the feet of Jesus is not easy and I do not like it.

I understand the logic behind giving my treasures. I understand that I’m totally clumsy and that I’m not so strong and that I can’t carry my treasures and blah blah blah… but it hurts to give them up.

Just the word ‘Surrendering” has this preface of giving up. I’m not giving up! I’m just laying them down at the feet of Jesus.

Although I can write on the subject of surrender,I don’t really like the word a whole lot. I would rather not surrender… ever.

I wonder if that’s almost the point. I don’t like surrendering. Which makes it hard.

Which makes it a trial.
I’ve probably quoted this verse a million times, and I might just use it a million more times because I love it so much, but Jesus says in John 16:33:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Even when it’s hard, he has still overcome.

And even though this hurts, (Yes. Sometimes it hurts to surrender.) He has still overcome, and I will find a way to praise him. I will praise him because of his amazing mercies. I will praise him because of his unfailing love and I’m going to praise Him because he is sovereign.

“I will always sing about the Lord’s love;  I will tell of his loyalty from now on.
I will say, “Your love continues forever;  your loyalty goes on and on like the sky.” ~Psalms 89:1-2

~Rachel Joy

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