Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Beauty of My King


Something that I've been thinking a lot about is the beauty of the journey God has placed before us. 

How every moment has a purpose. 
And every word that we have spoken has been already written by a powerful pen. 

Every moment has been placed by my sovereign King. 

As many of you may know, I'm a sunset geek. I love chasing the sunsets and watching as God paints the earth with beautiful colours and watching the shadows fall. I love watching the stars poke out of the inky blackness of night. 

As I found myself sitting in the window seat watching the stars come out after the sunrise faded away, I found myself thinking about the beauty of our King. 

About how powerful he is, and how mighty he is. 

I mean, I've sat through a lot of sunsets, and I've been overwhelmed by Gods power before, but yesterday evening, it was different. 

It was sitting there realizing how mighty God is to ordain the world and put it to order. How beautiful he is to write out the sum of our journey and love us anyway. 

It's nothing less then beautiful. 

That is the beauty of our king! 
He not only makes life, he makes life perfect and beautiful. 
He makes it priceless. 

He makes my soul sing 
Sing his praise. 
He makes my soul dance,
Dance because of all that he is. 

The beauty of the King is that no matter how crazy life gets, he's going to be keeping his hand on you and giving you strength. 
The beauty of my King is that he forgives even when I don't think I'm worth it. 
The beauty of my King is that no matter what happens, he's going to love me with a never ending love. 

The beauty of My King is that He knows what plans for me, and all His plans are perfect. 

That is the beauty of the King we celebrate! 
THAT is the beauty of my King! That he not only knows what he's doing, but he also loved me so much he died for my sins. 

And that is the most beautiful truth. 

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