Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pressed Down

My eyes are heavy, 
My heart is tired. 
I have been pressed down. 

I've reached the max,
Everything in me is done, 
I'm tired. 
There is nothing left in me. 

My eyes are vacant. 
My heart is pained. 
Waking up, 
That's impossible. 

But as weary as I am, 
As tired as my heart may be... 
I am completely victorious. 
I am not destroyed. 

My steps may falter, 
But my heart seeks Your face. 
I am seeking your sanctuary, 
For you are my rest Lord Jesus. 

I was lost, but not forsaken. 
Weary but not forgotten. 
Pressed down but not overcome. 
Completely victorious. 

Rachel Joy 

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