Monday, January 4, 2016

Winter 2015 Photo Album

So, because I don't currently have my own computer, this is my Iphone 3S photography, instead of the ones that happened on The Baby. (Basically a warning because they are all horrible quality.)  When I take pictures on my phone I have the bad habit of using loads of filters, so that's why none of these look quite natural.

This is something I drew because my cousins said we where colouring and I was like, "Hey yeah. I do that." 
No, I'm a writer. I don't colour. I write artistically.  

Precious. Sleeping. 
It does happen. 
Very rarely (and never at night) but it does happen. 

I love this because it looks like she's having a dream wherein she is some mighty huntress or something. 
*Don't you just want to scratch her little chin? That is the reason she gets away with all kinds of stuff.*

This is the cathedral we went to Christmas Eve Mass at. It was beautiful. Although you can't really see it, there are these epic gargoyles at the top. It felt so majestic, scary and holy at the same time, which was cool.  
*Note* I see a lot of you looking at me like, "Girl, I didn't know you where Catholic." I'm not, but my grandparents are, and it was important for them to have us at mass, so to keep everyone happy, we went. Even though I had to wake up in the morning to do so. (The struggle is real.) 

St. Louis Missouri, through another moving car. For those of you who where wondering, I can now spell Missouri. 

Yes, I sat down in the middle of the road for this picture. 
Yes, that was dumb. 
Yes, it was so insanely worth it, you have no idea. 

I took this yesterday at worship practice from the media booth. 
You see, it kind of marks a momentous moment for me. At my old church I was involved in media all that jazz, and I missed it so much it's hard to put into words.
It was amazing. 
I almost cried.
I loved it so much.

 (Eventually I'll tell ya'll the Donut story, and maybe even someday the "Teaching" story. I find them comical.) 

Lastly, Peppermint Mocha Latte from Starbucks to keep me awake. (I work at a coffee shop. I shouldn't be this tired.)

Apparently that's all I took last month. Hopefully January will be more picturesque and hypothetically I'll be more motivated to take pictures.

Also hopefully I'll have a computer/device that can be used to write on before I kill this last remaining dinosaur of a laptop. (Guys, I'm typing and it sounds like a World War is going down.) (I'm not kidding.) (And it won't let me play music on it because the earphone jack is broken. *Insert groan of frustration.*) (Come on Dil! Get here sooner!)

Let me know what you guys think!
In Christ Alone,
~Rachel Joy

PS: I was tagged to do a Q/A post, but I have no clue what questions you want answered, so feel free to comment questions because I'm like, "Well... I still love coffee, is that an answer?" So yeah. Thanks ya'll!

PSS: I do own more shoes then what I wear in all these pictures. My black high-tops are just my current favourites.  I don't actually wear them that often because I don't want to drop Chipotle sauce on them at work, so I wear my older converse most of the time.

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