Thursday, January 21, 2016

Types of People at a Coffee Shop: part one

Everyday I am privileged to talk and interact with the area that I'm currently living in. 

Teenagers come to the coffee shop after school, professors come in after giving lectures, grandparents come in to meet friends they met in Highschool, students come in before going to lectures and to do homework... it's basically a melting pot of all sorts of people. 

This being said... People are hilarious. 

As funny as people are, there are certain stereotypes that almost everyone fits in. 

The first stereotype is the "studying person." 

This person will post to the social media of choice: 

This person then proceeds to take a hundred million selfies. I know this because it's the same person who asks where a plug in for their phone is an hour after sitting down. 

They then proceed to make more faces at the camera. 
I think the goal is to take enough selfies to be able to post one every day for a year to make people think you are a regular. 

I think. Not sure, but that's the only reason I can think of, so I'm just going to go with it. 

The second kind of person is "That Lady." 

"That Lady" will come in and you will know what she's going to order just by looking at her. Her order will sound something like this: 

Lady: "Hello sugar!" 
Me: "Hello ma'am! What can I get for you?" 
Lady: "Well... Let me see... I know! I would like a Mocha, extra hot, all natural, half caf, large, cold brew, sugar free, iced, almond milk, breve, chai, extra shot, organic, extra small Americano,   to go." 

And you are like. "Woman, you just contradicted yourself a hundred times in that order. Where do I start with correcting you?" 

It's fun. Luckily, once you explain that "breve" means "half and half" and "almond milk" means "milk made with almonds" things normally sort themselves out. 

It's just a 5 minute heart attack that I'll never recover from. 
No big deal. 

The last kind that I'm going to be discussing is the, "grandparents group." These people are my all time favorites. 

They are the proud grandparents of 37 young'ens. They have the 'young'ens' as the wallpapers on their phones, and will show them to you without you having to ask. 

If you do something, it's the best thing ever, and you are adopted into their family. 
These grandparents meet up with other grandparents and talk about the 'young'ens'. 

My heart melts. 
Guys, you have no clue. 
It's so cute. 
When I'm 65 that's my goal. 
I want to be like that. 

There are other types of people. The football players, the clowns, the momma's with sweet little ones, the computer techs, the writers, and loads of others, but I'll save those for a further date. 

What are some stereotypes you've noticed concerning life in general? Let me know! 

In Christ Alone, 
Rachel Joy 

PS: I'm going to cut down the amount of times I post a week. Twice is way to stressful, so I'm going to say that I'm just going to post regularly on Fridays. There might be a poem randomly thrown in next week, but that depends on if I can remember what file I put it under. (Probably Microsoft Word 8392938473.) So yeah. There's that. 

PPS: I'm so sorry about not answering comments. I promise I read them all and laugh and love them all, just... Life ya'll. 

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