Monday, January 11, 2016


"Today is the day that I get to bed at a decent hour." I told myself as I pulled the blankets closer around me. "Then tomorrow will be the day I wake up at a decent hour and be productive." 

With that thought, I picked up my book and started to read the adventures of Sierra Jensen (who is remarkably like me in a lot of aspects.) 

Three hours later I looked at my clock in horror, flicked off the lights and tried to fall asleep.

The next day my alarm went off, and I rolled over and yelled at my cat to, "Please shut up Presh, I'm trying to sleep."

Luckily my cat is the most accountable alarm clock, and I did get up and wasn't late for work. 

All my hopes and dreams of being a semi-productive human vanished in the darkness as the sun rose up bright the next morning. 

I got nothing done, and in my normal slobish style went to bed in a messy room. As I pulled out my book I thought, "Today will be the day that I go to bed at a decent hour."  As I organized the the duvet around my cat and I, I said to myself, "Tomorrow I will wake up at a decent hour and be productive with my life." 

To say that I do that every day is kind of an understatement.Guys, every. Day. I. Do. That. To. My. Self. 

*Accepts that I'm the world's worst human.*  

Every day we have a choice, a choice to be the person God has called us to be, or not. 
While God didn't call me to wake up every morning at 3, (Thank heavens) he did call me to be the light of the world, wither that means waking up early to blog, or to go to work and smile at people who are tired and just need caffeine. 

That means doing school so I can move on with my life. 
That means sitting at the piano for what feels like hours, practicing worship songs. (It's not, and I really enjoy it, if I was being honest. I just gripe about it because I'm a spoiled 21 Century teen.) 
If that means driving my brothers to various activities even when I don't want to, or obeying my mom when she's driving me crazy. 

Each day is a new beginning. But not a beginning to just chill back and thing that "oh tomorrow will be my new chance." No. 

As cliche as it sounds, today is honestly the day that we have to make amends. (Am I using that word correctly? Can it be used in this context?) 

Not that a new day is something to be worshiped, but it's something that we should be thankful for. That God's mercies are new everyday, and that today we have a new chance. 

A chance to worship like never before, to live fulling in the grace and peace that Jesus Christ gives. To live daringly and to be a light in the dark places. Not by our strength, but by the strength of Jesus Christ. 

That's how we can get through today. That's how we can break free of the chains of bondage, and that's how we can fight like warriors in the face of battle.


"So don't worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will have its on worries. Each day has trouble of it's one."   ~Matthew 6:34

In Christ Alone, 
Rachel Joy

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