Friday, January 8, 2016

Serious Business. Part One


(I didn't do that. Just for the record.) 

Guys I work at a coffee shop.

Needless to say, my caffeine addiction and I love our job. I love the people, the way it smells and the atmosphere that is involved in a coffee shop.

Twice to three times  a week I work at the actual shop. Basically I spend my day making sandwhiches, lattes, and a really big mess. (Don't worry. I clean it up.)

Then twice a week I work at the drive through. Basically I spend my morning making lattes, frapes, and a really big mess. (Don't worry. I clean it up.)

Because I  remembered I even had a blog yesterday, and because I didn't write anything until legitimately minutes before this was hypothically published. (Procrastination at it's finest ya'll. Be inpressed.) I just wanted to tell you a couple funny stories about the lovely people I work with.

The first notable people that I've been privileged to serve is a couple I'm going to be calling Edward and Italia. These two people are the most adorable couple ever, and I'm not even kidding. They are the kind of people who have their "regulars," come in with adorable antidotes to life and are just perfect for eachother.

One of my favorite things that this adorable couple did/procured was the day Italia didn't order her usual.

It was New Years Eve, and I asked her, "Just your usual in it's normal size?"
And she goes, "No, I think I'll have your *insert name* tea."

The guy I was working with looked at her with wide eyes, like, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED??"
Edward was like, "Woman, we've been married for how many years and what did you just do?!" 


It was adorable. She ended up loving the tea but from this point on, she has continued ordering her ususal.

Which is a relief as I was seriously concerned for her health.

The second notable thing is the stupid doodlebob that we call the register. It has given me the need to actually be creative as I explain why it's not working.

Of many notable times, the most rememberable is this one lady...
Ok, so I had probably swiped her card a hundred times, and it won't work and won't work.

So after making a lot of funny faces--to lighten the mood a little bit-- she said, "You know what, I have cash. One second."

I looked at her and said, "We also can accept livestock--if that's easier."
I think she broke a rib laughing.

The final story that I'll tell today is about the shelves.

So when you walk through the door there's a little entryway thing, and then when you walk into the actual shop, there's these classy little shelf things and it's all cute and adorable. Well... the shelves on the side closest to the little entryway thing are a little lower hanging.

Now, although you can probably guess where this is going, I would like to say that because the shop has free wifi, a majority of the people walk in, stand in the entryway thing, connect to the free wifi, then as they are scrolling through whatever social media they choose to be addicted to, they....

I'll let your mind fill in the rest of the details.
One of the things I did not know you had to be in order to be a barista was an actress. Guys, I think I could win a grammy. 

As much as I would love to write more, I'm not going to. I'll space these stories out to keep ya'll entertained for hours.

Have a great weekend everyone!

In Christ Alone,
Rachel Joy

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