Sunday, January 24, 2016



My world is a beautiful thing. 
It all fits in boxes, 
Tidy squares, lined up next to each other. 
When I don't want to deal with it, I can just put it away.

My world fits in my pocket. 
I plug it in at night.
It's the way I communicate. 
My world is perfect. 

I travel every day. 
To places I wish I could be. 
To talk to people I wish I could talk to, 
To streets I wish I could be roaming. 

All from the comfort of my own room. 
Never having to go outside. 
I don't have to move! 
Just my thumbs and fingertips. 

The real world is so grey. 
It's a living void. 
I don't like it here. 
But put filters over it, and it's my dream world. 

Meme's, GIF's, Emoji's,
Jokes, people I wish I could see irl, 
Why would I look out at the grey...
Today I did. 

Today I looked up. 
I walked through a store. 
Seeing all the people... 
Necks down, fingers full. 

The real world... It's not as grey as news says it is. 
Not as dramatic. 
Not as crazy. 
And yet... 

So many people...
So distracted... 
I think that's why we keep our heads down. 
That's why we make posts about changing the world. 

Because by posting and hashtaging it seems like we're doing something. 
By liking a page we are changing the world, 
By venting on line, it's like we're doing something. 
When really, we're just scrolling. 

It distracts us from doing. 
It hinders us from knowing real people. 
People who might be hurting. 
People who need us to be the hands of love. 

It keeps us from seeing. 
Because if we see we have to do. 
And that's overwhelming. 
So what fun is that? 

Behind these little boxes, 
We can look busy. 
When really we're not. 
We can avoid conflict. 

As I thought those things... 
Just standing... 
Standing in a grey world...
Looking at all the robots... 

Instead of changing anything...
Doing things is to overwhelming. 
I'd rather not change the world...
I'll just keep scrolling. 

Rachel Joy

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