Sunday, January 31, 2016



Dear you, 
I see you crying. 
Don't lie, those are tears. 
but it's ok. 

The thing about tears is they are real. 
They can't be faked. 
When you cry, that's what you are really feeling.
It's ok to cry.

I know how you feel. 
I've been there too. 
Lost, tired, lonely. 
Like life could never be the same. 

It can't. 
The past is behind you. 
But now.. Now is here. 

The tears of now. 
The wondering of now. 
The emotion of now. 
Now in it's entirety is happening. 

Dear you, 
Don't worry. 
It will all work out. 
Trust in Him. 

I know it sounds Clique. 
How five letters can change a world. 
How "Trust" can turn you upside down. 
I've been there too. 

Keep pressing in my Friend. 
Keep holding on. 
Keep your head up. 
Keep the faith. 

He is holding out his hand. 
dear friend, 
He is holding you so close. 
Speaking words of love. 

~Rachel Joy 

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