Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Darkness to Light

There are some nights that I have a serious problem sleeping. Some people may say that this is a result of me being an insomniac, I prefer to say that it’s because I am very well caffeinated--which is probably the reality of the matter.

This basically means that between 10pm and 11 pm you can find me laying in bed thinking about the purpose of life, my goals for the next ten years, making up stories about what I would do if I ran into my favorite musicians/celebrities on the street and basically just trying to fall asleep.

Now, yesterday in biology I had done some reading on things that may help you get more sleep. One of the things that seemed plausible to actually help you fall asleep was to make it darker in your sleeping environment.

The problem with that is I am way to lazy to put blankets in front of my freakishly long windows.
As it is not very practical to just stare at my windows like, “ugggg be darker,”  I did what every normal lazy teenage girl does, and packed up my blanket and moved to the closet.

(My closet is really big and I’m not that big so I can lay down in it pretty comfortably.)

Upon closing the door, I discovered that the darkness can be pretty dark.
Like, literally dark.

I was waving my hands around trying to see them, and couldn’t see anything.

It was like I was falling but not going anywhere it was that dark.
I’m in no way afraid of the dark, I just didn’t know that the dark could be that dark.

As I lay in my makeshift bed for an hour and a half marveling at how black the inside of my closet could be, counting 929,028 imaginary sheep and pretending that I was locked in a room that had been sealed shut by chocolate, I discovered that my science book was lying and decided to lay down in my own bed and attempt to go back to sleeping the way normal people do.

Upon opening the door to my closet I was overwhelmed by how comforting even a small amount of light is. The neon green numbers from my clock had changed from just being those annoying green things, to being beacons of light.

It was more than just the light that was so comforting it was the entire aurora in which light resides. It’s peaceful. (Not that pure and inky darkness isn’t peaceful, it just kind of has the aurora of spiders and other forms of pain and suffering.)

Now, for those of you who where wondering, moving locations didn’t help at all and I still found myself staring at the ceiling planing my future at 1:29am, but when I woke up the next morning, I did have some thoughts.

You see, Christmas is the time of year that we celebrate light coming to the world.
We wish each other tidings of comfort and joy, and have fun with our friends and family.

Light is kind of like glue. A dot is a lot when it comes to light. Although you might think “Oh that’s just the numbers on your clock” it glows and echos around everything. It penetrates the darkness. Although you might not be able to read by it, it’s still light and it makes a difference.

It’s the same when Jesus lives in your heart I think. When he lives there, the darkness can’t stand a chance. It has to die. Jesus living in you is going to more than just be stagnate, it’s going to glow and echo around everything that you do.

My dearest friends, that Light is more than just light. It’s a comfort in the darkness. It’s something that will hold firm through the storm.

I think that’s why John made such a big deal about Jesus being the “Light of the World.” Because he realized that darkness can always be overpowered by light.

I realize that this post is very rambly, completely unexpected and that I probably have an access of run on sentences, (grammar skills) but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about.

So often in this world it seems like the darkness gets worse around Christmas. Our joy and peace get whisked away by the foreboding suffering of the world. By fear and tears.

But my dearest friends, hold onto this:
“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overpowered it... “
~John 1:5

In Christ Alone,
~Rachel Joy

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