Friday, November 6, 2015

You Are

You keep me steady
When my world is crashing in.
When I can’t see the light
And when all seems so shaky.

You hold me close,
When the pieces of my life don’t look so clear.
When I want to let go—
You hold me closer still.

You love me unconditionally
When I don’t deserve it.
When I’m dead in my sin,
You still love me.

You are my King
Though the storms and battles rage.
Though the world may look like all isn’t right
You are still my only Sovereign.

You are ruler over all.
Over the wind and the waves,
Over the storms of life
And over every quivering leave.

So often I forget this,
That you are so Holy
So King.
But that doesn’t change the fact.

You are what I will look at when the storms appear
You are the anchor for my hopes and dreams.
You are my King and Savior.
You are my Lord.

Although this world may have storms and trials.
And although I might long to give up,
You will still be my leader and my King.
Both now and forevermore…

~Rachel Joy

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