Sunday, November 8, 2015

I'm a Trend Starter!

So I didn’t really have time to make a normal post about anything this weekend because my aunt is in the process of moving here and my grandparents are literally across the hall from me right now and I missed them so much so I wanted to hang out with them and because I’ve been working on another writing project, which is taking up a lot of time and thought process.

Although this isn’t a normal post, I do have a great story.

On Saturday morning I was driving to my aunt’s apartment to pick her up.

It’s probably a 15-minute drive, so I had the radio going and I was singing along like a boss.

At the place where I had to turn to get my aunt, the light was legitimately 5 minutes long. 

About a minute and a half in, I decided to start dancing to the song.

Now, I’m the most awkward human ever to roam the earth. So me car dancing is probably hilarious, and because I don’t do anything half way, of course I’m lip-sinking like I’m staring the music video.

Anyway, I’m here car dancing like I invented the sport (it’s a sport, right?) when I look over and see that the guy next to me was dancing.

The lady behind me started dancing.

It was awesome.

To top it all off, the cars across the street saw all these drivers dancing whilst waiting for the light and started dancing too.

There were like, 8 cars that I could see just dancing!

We. Had. It. Going. On.

I started a mini-flashmobishtypething at the freakishly long red light.

I don’t even remember what song was on, but it was amazing.

You have no clue the emotions that I’m feeling right now. It’s like, “what is my life” slash pride that I did anything that amazing in my life.  

This will be my number one accomplishment of my life. When I have kids and they ask: “Mom, what is the most amazing thing you’ve ever done?” My answer will be: “Started a miniflashmob at a freakishly long red light.”

When I grow up and get engaged, if Prince Charming asks: “On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you for the wedding?” My answer will be: “Nine. Because starting a miniflashmob at a red light has yet to be beat.”

When I’m old and people are yelling at me because my hearing will be horrible and they ask: “What was your number one accomplishment in life?” My answer will be: “Well honey, I started a miniflashmob at a freakishly long red light when I was sixteen. You know, life was different back then…”

You think I’m kidding, but I’m actually not. (Ok. I am being slightly sarcastic. But not much.)

So yeah. That was one part of my weekend.

We then raked, I made brownies, lip-sinked to music like a boss and just had a great time with family. I also did some fun fall photography which might make it on here eventually. Let me know what you think about that prospect.

Have an amazing week everyone!
In Christ Alone,

Rachel Joy

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