Saturday, November 21, 2015


Lord, I look for you here.
This world is so crazy!
I’m tired of swimming.
Tired of trying so hard to survive.

So, Lord I will seek you.
When life comes crashing over me.
When the world seems so dark,
I will look for you.

I will search for you,
When the thunder roars.
When the trials of life soar,
I will seek your face.

When I’m tired and when I’m weak,
I will take time and be still.
I’ll look for you—
And not in the comforts of this world.

The world tries so hard to turn my gaze.
It tugs and pulls at me.
I don’t know what to do.
It’s hard to keep my eyes on you!

Lord, be my anchor.
Keep my eyes above these perilous waves.
Be my rock,
My hope of salvation.

I will continue to look for you.
You are hope.
I will trust in your unfailing life.
I will believe that you are in control.

Pour out your presents
Let it rain upon us.
Let your power and strength,
Overwhelm and surround us.

Be my lifeline.
Be my hope in a dark world,
Be my source of joy.
Be my peace.

I lift my hands to you!
My King and Redeemer.
My Everlasting Lord,
My All in All.

You are here in the chaos,
You are here in the noise.
You are here in times of turmoil.
You are here.

~Rachel Joy

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