Saturday, November 28, 2015

Falling Into Open Arms

This has been in the pile of "Poems I'll get around to publishing some day" for the last four months.

 I would like to thank Capital Kings and the amazing work that they put into their album "II" and especially the song, “Into Your ArmsWhich was basically the inspiration behind this because I haven’t stopped listening to it since it came out, like two centuries ago. Thanks guys for making me fangirl on my blog.  

I’m falling.
Into that unending cosmos.  
Another failure.

I’m sinking.       
Into a dark ocean.
Another mistake.

I’m unworthy of this life.
As usual.
Undeserving of this life.
Another time I bash myself.

So many mistakes.
So many times I’ve failed.
So many times I’ve done wrong.
I can’t trust myself to do what’s right.

I never do anyway.
I keep messing up.

As I look up at the sky,
Trying to find a glimpse of blue sky,
Trying to find hope in this dark world.
Trying to gasp for air.

I see the truth.
I thought I was falling away from you,
I thought I was sinking into hopelessness.
I thought I was dying.

But really,
I have been falling into your arms.
You’ve never left me!
You’ve always been right here.

You’ve always been keeping me safe in your unfailing love.
You’ve been right here.
With me through all of my life.
Teaching me how to fly.

~Rachel Joy

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