Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall Photo Album!

Can I just say I was shocked that you guys wanted to see these? Like... I almost literally died. But I'm excited to show you all, so here is a fall photo album!

I'm also going to do a little bit of how I got these pictures, because why not.

That is my hand touching a red leaf. I was basically just experimenting with how to use auto focus. 
I still detest auto focus for those of you who where wondering. 
Don't bother using it.

So on Saturday we where burning leaves on the fire (#innerpyromaniac) and I became obsessed with how the smoke looked with the sun shinning through the leaves. It was amazing.

When golden hour* hit,  I went outside and put a bucket of leaves on the fire to kind of make more smoke then necessary. 

*Golden hour is about two hours before the sun goes down. I love taking pictures then because everything has a kind of golden glow. It's also when the sun is in the right spot to do the glow-y sun spots.

Although this one is rather dark, it's one of my favorites. What I did was I got down low below the twig facing the direction of the sun. Then I pointed my camera at the twig and up at the sun. That was the result. If you look in the top corner, there is a little blue sunspot which is really cool to me. 

You see, even thought it was dark and smoky, the sunlight could still shine through. 

Can I just... yeah. 

You know in the Bible when Paul goes blind on the road to Damascus? That is kind of what I've always imagined the sunlight that came down to look like. 

My cat sitting in a window. Also known as my current desktop screen.

And yes, she is wearing a collar. Two actually. I'm amazed.

More golden hour pictures from Tuesday. Again, down low (avoid getting hit by cars) and angled up at the sun. You don't want to point straight at the sun (as it will blind you and I don't want to get sued.) But just angled so that it glints a bit. 

You can do that on any kind of camera, so if you're interested, give it a shot. (Camera joke.) 

See! You can do it like a second nature. 

Red leaves are my favorite. They are just so happy and peaceful. 
My uttermost favorite is when they are against a pure blue background. It's like... peaceful and yet shows a tinge of wanderlust. 

That's all for now. 
Thank you so much for letting me have fun and show you pictures of the things I love. :) 

Have an amazing weekend! 

In Christ Alone, 
~Rachel Joy

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