Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dear World

Dear World, 
I write to you...
My words not strong enough it seems. 
For the pain in which you are living in. 

My heart breaks for you. 
People are dying. 
People are hungry. 
The world is getting smaller. 

It's suffocating. 
I can't speak for everyone, 
but it's hard to believe,
that hope is real. 

People are hungry. 
People are dying. 
Hearts are broken. 
Feet are tired of moving forward. 

What can I do? 
In this time of need. 
These hands so small. 
So empty and cold. 

What can I do? 
Dear world, 
Keep up hope. 
Look to the face of Jesus. 

Hold fast to the hope that he gives. 
It's so hard to see, 
I know. 
But keep holding fast. 

Keep the faith. 
He's the only light that will shine through the darkness. 
He's the hope that we can receive. 
He's the light that will keep forever. 

I can pray for you. 
I can pray for the light to overwhelm the darkness. 
I can pray for peace
For this is a time of need. 

Dear world, 
Keep up hope. 
It's always here. 
Just keep looking. 

~Rachel Joy 

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