Friday, November 20, 2015


I turned 17 this week.
Slightly overwhelming thought, but it happened and I lived through it. So there's that. This is my last year before having to do things like, "file taxes" and "vote" so I'm planing on enjoying that freedom.

Because 17 is a ripe old age (*cough cough* just kidding. Kind of.) I thought I would bestow 17  pieces of wisdom that I've learned over the past 17 years.

Learn from the awkward life that I've lived, because I don't want you to suffer through the same humiliation.

17. Always open carbonated drinks over a sink. Always. Just trust me.

16. When you're stressed, music, candles and notebook time works well. Another alternative is to go outside with a camera for an hour. It helps.

15. Don't be afraid to stand out a little.

14. Your worth doesn't come from a number found in the back of your jeans. You are so much more then that.

12. Hold tight to Jesus through all the craziness of the world. He's going to be there always and loves to shelter you from the storm.

13. Learn to count.

11. Don't be afraid to dream big. It's better then dreaming small and wishing bigger.

10. Dance whilst waiting for the light to turn green on freakishly long red lights.

9. Not everyone's priority is matching socks. And if that's not your top priority, that's ok.
     But for those of you who do wear matching socks, I have very good reason to believe you are the reason our moral culture hasn't completely died.

8. Don't be afraid. So often we shrink in fear when our God is so much bigger then the biggest fears we face. Be strong and courageous.

7. Watch the sunset every once and awhile.

6. Don't freak out. I freak out very easily, but to be honest, normally it's just me overreacting. Chill out.

5. If you have a good thought write it down. Because you aren't an elephant and you probably will forget.

4. Say things that are bold with love. It just might change the world.

3. Drink coffee. Self explanatory.

2. Don't ever lose your ambitions.

1. Keep Jesus as your number one priority.

So that's about all I've learned.
 Unless you want tips on how to be eternally awkward, then I could lavish tips such as "Laugh at awkward times" and "completely miss your mouth at least once a meal" but I assumed you all would rather be amazing then awkward.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

In Christ Alone,
~Rachel Joy 

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