Monday, October 19, 2015

Yearning Restlessly

I have a random question.
Am I the only one who wants…
Something indescribable, but so real.

Who finds themselves…
Yearning for…
Something …
Something you can’t even explain.

Who feels restless.
I sound crazy…
But I am restless.
Hungry for adventure.

Wanting to see more of God’s creation.
Yearning for new faces,
Strange places,
Wide open spaces.

The smell of spices sold in open market.
The hot African wind blowing in my hair.
The sound of strange languages.
Just… more new things.

A beating in my heart I can’t even explain.
A swirling rhythm.
A hunger.
A Longing.

This adventure was fun.
But how about the next one?
Can I have another adventure?

To walk down a wet street in London…
To dance in a field with fuzzy white sheep…
To look up and see a grand cathedral.
To run in a vast dessert.

My heart years for that.
To preach the name of Jesus…
To every tongue, tribe and nation.
So much of me longs for that.

I realize that I can’t be the same.
Now, there is no way I can ever go back.
So why not just continue forward.

Why not just preach that name to everyone.
Not only here—people here know the name of Jesus,
But what about those who can’t.
What about those people…

What about those who can’t.
What about those who have never heard the name of Jesus?
What about those who are persecuted for what they believe?
What about them?

What if…
What if me and this strange yearning for adventure…
What if we could change that?
What if…

I’m so tired of just…
I want to go do.
I want to go.

~Rachel Joy

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