Thursday, October 15, 2015

Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

So tonight there are two posts going live in the next 24 hours! Yay! 

This one is happening because the memory card on The Baby (my Camera) got filled up as I was taking some pictures of the sunset. Upon turning it off to see what kind of pictures I was holding on that memory card, I was like, "Aw..." 

Like this one. This is my house in Myfaircity. I took this in the spring the day before the realtor came and walked through my house to be like, "This house is for sale." My room was the one on the front right.

This is the city that my Grandma and Grandpa live in. This was the last Easter Sunset I'll get to see from their house. If you look very carefully, Mt. Rainier is on the left. 

TULIPS! I love tulips, and Grandma's tulips are always the prettiest.

RED AND YELLOW TULIPS! Because... Yeah. Why not?

So my Grandma makes these cookies... They are not only beautiful, but also taste amazing. 

Not sure what this is, but it's pretty. 

In Myfaircity there is a park that is beautiful. This artsy shot (working on my marketing skills, ok?) is of the bridge in the Japanese Garden. 

A RHODODENDRON! Washington State flower. Write that down because it might be on a test. 

Not actually sure what this is, but it's pretty. So I took pictures of it. Like... A lot of pictures...

*Cough Cough* 

So... I see you sitting there like, "Wow Rach. You're a creep." But no. This picture means a lot to me. You see, overlooking Myfaircity there is this Catholic School. For 6 years of my life I looked up at that school and was like, "I just really want to see this building" because it looks beautiful! So, before we left, I was like, "MOM. WE HAVE TO SEE IT!" So we went. We actually went twice because the first time it was closed. Although the building was closed, the cemetery was open. So I took pictures of the gravestones. That is the full story as to why I have pictures of gravestones on my CF card. 

This flower shrouds the garage door of my grandparents house. It's classy. 

Fishing with grandparents! Or taking pictures...

We went to Oregon in... I don't remember when. (This entire year was a complete blur.) This bird was just chilling on the wire like, "Take my picture!" so I obliged. 

It rained and stormed a lot whilst we where in Oregon, and this sweet little flower looked like it was crying, so... I took it's picture. 

This was the most beautiful Sunset I've ever seen. I'm not even kidding. It's amazing the way God paints the sky... 

This was after the sun actually went down. You can see it through the wires if you look very carefully. 

This picture says a lot too. This was the last day in Myfaircity. What you can't see through this picture is the people who were beginning to trickle in at 8:00am to help us get all our stuff into the U-Haul. You can't see the tears, the donuts, the coffee, the stress, or the amazing peace of Jesus Christ that was somehow keeping me from crying long enough to take that. But that's what it says.
 (And wow. Now I'm crying again.) 

This is basically what the first third of Montana looks like. 

Haha... I forgot I saw this... Mount Rushmore!

Fourth of July with Grandparents in St. Louis! 

The Camels are hugging! (AKA: Went to the Zoo.) 

*Skipping through the dark apartment days...*
 This was the first sunset from our new house. 

Probably the second or third sunset from our new house. It's pretty here. 

It rained the other day, so... I took more pictures... 

Lastly, the moment you all have been waiting for...this is the sunset picture from tonight. I know. The sun looks like a giant cheese puff. It's awesome.

I guess the point of this post is just to be like, "Look. A lot changes and is crazy over a year, and  even over couple months but in the end it's all cool and God uses it for His Glory!" 

Thank you all for reading this!
~Rachel Joy

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