Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thinking About God's Timing

Slowing down and watching the sunset is absolutely fabulous. It’s literally one of my favorite things to do, as you all probably knew because I blog about it quite often.

 Sadly, there are some days in my life that I don’t have the opportunity to slow down and watch God paint the sky whist sitting on a picnic blanket with a bag of Sour Patch Kids.  

My life just isn’t always like that. (I wish it was! That would be awesome!)

So… I tend to watch it while on the move.

This month, I watched it from the passenger seat of my dad’s car. Another one while walking back from youth group, whist moving into our house and just… I’m not even sure where else.

As I was walking and seeing the colors change and be painted in the way only God can, I had a thought.

Even when you don’t slow down, the sun still sets.

I know. I’m being super profound.

You see, in the same way, even when I’m not slowed down to see God move, he still moves.

Even when I’m too busy to watch him move and change the world, it still happens.

So often when I’m too busy to watch him move, I feel like, “Hey Lord! Why aren’t you… oh I don’t know… changing the world? Hellloooo! It needs to be changed!” But He is! He’s doing it even when I’m not watching.

Just like when the sun sets without my realizing it, I see the after affect. I see that after words its dark and the stars are out shining. (There are literally more stars in Oklahoma.)

In the same way, when God moves without my realizing it, you see the affect.

For so many years before we moved, I never would have guessed that helping church plant, that the timing of getting Precious and hundreds of other little changes would add up to this. To living in a small apartment in Smalltown Oklahoma,to moving to a Country Oasis.... 

I never would have guessed that!

But it was the consequence (is that the right word?) of God moving.

In his perfect timing, but moving nevertheless.

Even the painful things that we had to go through, that I couldn’t see the end result for; it was for good and for God’s glory.

I think that’s why we are told in the Psalms to be still and know. Because when we don’t slow down, then it’s harder to see that God is who he says he is. Yes, he still is God, but it’s harder to see.
But when we slow down, we can find his peace and rest and see that he does have a plan for us and that it’s a beautiful as each painted sunset.

“I say this because I know what I am planning for you,” says the LORD. “I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future. Then you will call my name. You will come to me and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” –Jeremiah 29:11-12

~Rachel Joy 

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