Friday, September 4, 2015

Kittens with Cousins: Notes about Family

*Note* Precious is not getting replaced.  Those are my Great-Grandmothers kittens and are just so cute and sibling-y. They are cute.

Last weekend I was privileged to watch hang out with my extended family. My cousins played Nerf Guns with my brothers in my grandma’s picture perfect backyard, shooting over the chalk art we had done through the day. As dusk loamed, they started to catch fireflies, squealing and laughing with joy.

Closer to where I was sitting, I watched my Dad sass my Uncle over Fitz Soda,  I  listened to my Aunt laugh with my Mom as they talked about… whatever they were talking about. My Grandma fussed around making sure everyone had enough to eat, (I have literally never eaten that much in my life.) They all laughed as JD taught me how to use a lighter to light the candles, because I’m not that coordinated.

As the night wore on, we all got tired and almost fell asleep on the back deck—not wanting the night to end.

It was fabulous.

That’s something I haven’t really gotten to experience, but that I love so much.
There is something about being with your family. Something about watching the joyousness of just being together, and seeing where you came from and realizing where you can go. 

It’s a bond.

Family is something that should always be there with you. That’s not always the case, but that is what family is meant to be.

There is something about forming memories with your family. Because your family is something that should always be there for you.

This is something that so often young people take for granted. We don’t really value what that family time will lead to, because it seems like it just always has been.

But when I listen to my dad talk about the time Cousin Soandso did thisandthat and how funny it was—and what Uncle Whatshisface did in response, there’s just something amazing about that.

I love it when Cousin Soandso comes over and listening to them laugh about thisandthat, and then recreate what Uncle Whatshisface did—to the merriment of Uncle Whatshisface.
There is just something about your family.  The memories that will last forever, and the joy behind everyone’s eyes.

That is why God ordained the family for.
To be a net of love and joy.

The way God intended families to be is so perfect.

“But the Lord’s love for those who respect him continues forever and ever, and his goodness continues to their Grandchildren and those who keep his agreement and who remember his orders.” ~Psalms 103:17-18

~Rachel Joy 

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