Friday, August 21, 2015

Washington VS. Oklahoma

I have a quick note that I want to talk about before I publish this:

First and foremost: My home state is on fire, and it’s out of control and it’s compromising the safety of my friends and family there, so would you guys mind lifting up the firefighters and please pray for rain because they need it so badly!

Thank you!

Ok… One thing I’ve learned when it comes out that I’m from Washington, is that people tend to have this preconception of Washington that’s not actually true. So I have decided to make a list of things that Washington is/isn’t and also some differences about Oklahoma.

Feel free to ask questions about either one of my homes, because I love talking about Washington, and I’m trying to learn more about Oklahoma so ask questions!  

Notes about Washington
·        Contrary to what everyone believes, the President does not live in Washington. He lives in DC. When I say “Oh yeah, I used to live in Washington,” No. I didn’t see the president. Please stop asking.

·        Washington does not have an “R” in it. It’s not “Warshington.” I have lived there and looked everywhere for that “R” but it’s not there. So take it out.

·        Washington is not all Seattle. There is a very beautiful second half over the Cascades.

·        The half that is next to Seattle has an ocean! Yes! We have an ocean! It’s beautiful! We also have a rainforest, miles of desert, mountains, volcanoes, and a normal forest.

·        Some Washingtonians are a very rare bred of human called, “12th Men.” Please don’t try to convert them or they might just go all Beast Mode on you.

·        Coffee. Lots of coffee.

·        Coffee…

·        Coffee.

·         Coffee. Actually sounds fabulous.

·        Why am I blogging? I should be drinking coffee.

Notes about Oklahoma:
·        Oklahoma is HOOTTT. It’s fabulous!

·        Although you Okays (??) are like, “We don’t have an accent! Ya’ll do!” you do have a southern accent and they are totally adorable so keep ‘ya’ll’en’ and although it’s different, keep it up!

·        When I first moved here, I thought everyone was like,  gun shooting, tough with muscles, beat up trucks and jazz. But some people are actually normal, and don’t go shooting, don’t do the hunting thing and some people drive cars!

·        The Bible Belt. It’s a thing.

·        The bugs are the size of small animals. They literally need their own zip-codes.  I caught a cicada (I always want to call the quesadillas…) the other day and it took up the entire bottom of the jar it was in. (And they don’t bite.)

·        People from Oklahoma have a thing for cows. During my one month of living here, I have seen approximately 7093156146 cows. Not that I counted, but that’s how many there where.

·        When you drive with people from Oklahoma, make sure you are very personal with Your Creator. Because you just might meet him on the road to wherever you are going. Just saying.

·        Oklahomaians (??) enjoy making and consuming these cookies. They are basically a chocolate chip cookie cooked on a tray, with loads of blue frosting artfully placed on top. Its good stuff! 

·        When I say everything is different here, I mean it quite literally. From the shape of butter and cheese, to the kinds of snack foods consumed to the way the stop lights are. Everything is so different.

·        When you are in Oklahoma, go to a little Amish Community because those ladies can cook.

·        Literally though, Amish people can cook and it’s brilliant. Try not to swoon at the smell of the bakeries because it’s amazing.

So yeah. It’s been an adventure. I’ll get over it. I’m still homesick, and there are days where I just wanna go hommee but you know what? I’ve seen God just being sovereign so many times during this whole adventure, and I love that. I love being able to see his hand moving. Just in everything, from the number on our apartment door, to our house, to the fact I can make friends. (Apparently I’m funny sometimes. Also apparently I’m good at being friendly. I still say there’s a reason why I’m a blogger and hide behind a computer.)

I’m excited for the coming months, and to see God has in store for my family and I! 

“Come and see what the LORD has done, the amazing things he has done on the earth.” —Psalms 46:8

~Rachel Joy

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