Monday, August 3, 2015


It was the cutting glass sun.
It was the way the cold wind blew
It was the words of a Shepherd
It was the feeling of overwhelming thirst…

It was the blindness of night
But in the lightness of day.
The hardness of hopelessness
And the dawning of another empty night.

The young woman looked out the window
No hope to be seen.
Thirsty—but not for water.
And blind—but not for lack of light.

Each thought that echoed inside of her head
Was lost and wandering.
No answers—just questions.
Not seen—just invisible.

The words of a shepherd…
I will be with you always.”

So many things had changed since those words were spoken.
The world is different now.
Those words are null and void.
Why continue to carry on?

Our young woman paced…
Unsure of where to go.
All color was lifeless.
All hope was now hopeless.

Words like forever are quite overrated.”
She yelled inside of her soul.
Why bother?
Why carry on?

She paced and she thought.
Things weren’t the same anymore.
There was no magic in being alone.
All those burned bridges… where gone.

Gone like the cutting glass sun.
Hidden behind the darkness of night.
Hidden behind another lonesome night.

We look at this scene.
So dismal.
A word of prayer we pray
For our friend and lost soul.

She needs to know our King.
She needs to know our King of Hope.
She needs to know that though the sun may go down
There is still a day of light ahead.

That even when the sun goes down
There is a night with hints of light.
The stars will still shine
And so will the fireflies.

The pain that this world gives
Has been expected.
Our Shepherd tells us about it.
And says to have hope.

You see, my dear friends.
In the pain and the darkness
Those words aren’t “Old fashioned.”
They are still truth.

The more the wind blows,
There is still hope!
When the world is falling apart,
Keep steady after our King!

He’s not abandoning you,
He’s lifting you up on his shoulders.
He’s not leaving you,
He’s carrying you.

He’s still redeeming
Still caring
Still all knowing
And still forever.

And with that, I encourage you.
Stand strong.
Keep hope.
Hold tight to Jesus.

Because when the world is fading deeper
When all hope seems to be lost,
Jesus Christ is hope.
And that is what keeps us steady.

~Rachel Joy

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