Monday, August 10, 2015

Oh Little Children...

This is a picture of my baby’s little feet. This was the day we adopted her, and was the first time she fell asleep. It was a fantastic moment. 

I once heard a song,
Oh… so long ago!
Sung by children young and sweet,
As their eyes twinkled and shown. 

Each chorus began,
“Oh be careful.”
Like a mother warning her babes,
To live life of integrity.

They don’t know the depth of those words!
They just sang them the way they were taught.
Oh children my dears…
Learn from those words you are singing!

Let your little ears be careful what they hear!
Only let the kind words shape them,
Let your ears hear truth and life,
And hold those words firm.

Be careful little child what you see!
This world appears so bright and glamorous,
So bold,
So bright…

But sweet little child,
Cast your eyes upon Jesus!
Let your eyes feast upon him,
And upon his Holy Light.

Let your eyes never wander from his path.
Let them grow firm on Christ,
Stand upon him—the solid rock.
And build all your dreams on that.

Oh Child,
Be careful!
This world longs to push and pull!
But stand strong.

Be careful little words what you sow
Be sure to speak kind words,
That other little ears will want to hear.
And that will bring people up.

Be careful little hearts whom you trust.
Trust upon Jesus,
Trust upon his righteousness.
Trust upon his love. 

Your Father up above,
He’s looking down with love.
He wants what is best for you,
And to cloak you in his goodness.

My little dears,
Hold those words close.
Grow up to shine,
And keep holding onto that hope.

~Rachel Joy

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