Thursday, August 13, 2015

Notes About Awe

Someone finally got smart enough to clean her computer screen and the results are fantastic.
That has nothing to do with anything I’m going to say, but… carrying on.

Did anyone watch the meteor shower last night? (Meteors are the same as shooting stars just for the record.)

I did! Now, because of the big Grandfather Oak in the courtyard, and because of the apartments across the courtyard I only had like, twelve feet of sky to look through, but I saw like… 6 shooting stars.(Also three planes and a satellite-that could have been a shooting star.)

And a congregation of real live stars.

I wish I was superhuman and didn’t need sleep, because if I was, I would spend all night looking up at the host of stars until the sunrise.

(I would probably do other constructive things too, but as I do need a little bit of sleep, that’s a nonissue.)

It’s amazing to look up at the stars and watch them twinkle and just… do there happy little thing.
What’s even more amazing is thinking about the God who created them and that He knows them all by name.

It’s mind blowing.

Because the same God who created all those stars also created the whole world and everything that dwells in it. (Dwells. That’s a good word. I’m going to use that more often.)

It’s… wow.

I wish that I could see that in everything.

I have two younger brothers. JD- who’s old enough to be to cool for everything, and Ben—who’s young enough to not realize that people need boundaries. And as we are all living in a small apartment, I find myself wishing I could just… Tie their socks together or something cruel and unusual like that. (The only thing that has stopped me several times is that they are both bigger than me…)

It’s hard to see the amazingness of the Creator when people drive you bonkers.

Now, I wish I could just publish something that would be like, “And when that happens here is what you do!” But as I don’t know exactly what to do (Hiding in the bathroom works pretty well…) I’ll just say this.

Loving people is hard.

Seeing God in everything is hard.

A lot of things are hard.

But a lot of things that are hard are also worth it.

When you demonstrate self control toward your brother’s sock collection, it helps with your relationship with them.

Because you see, the same God who created a host of stars, also  created people. Even the annoying people. (I just realized that JD reads what I post…. I’m going to get thrown in the pool.)

The same way he formed each star and knows each one’s name, he also knows your name. He knows the name of that annoying human in your life.

We are created and treasured by an amazing God! Should we not treat one another as such?

“Look up to the skies. Who created all those stars? He leads out the army of heaven one by one and calls all the stars by name. Because he is strong and powerful, not one of them is missing.”
~Isaiah 40:16

~Rachel Joy

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