Monday, August 17, 2015

How to teach your Cat to Walk on a Leash in 8 Easy Steps

This title says a lot about my life right now. *Slow sad nod.* What is my life right now?

1       Move to Oklahoma. Without this step you will probably never have the need to teach your cat how to walk on a leash. Also, you will probably never have the opportunity to do this.

2.      Purchase a halter and leash. You might have to get two halters because 100% guarantied your cat will hate the first one so much she will hide it—even if it’s lime green and super cute on her.

3.      Wait until you are in the middle of Wyoming to try this out for the first time. By then, she should be so carsick and sore that she will long to just move. It’s best not to wear flip flops because she might run.

4.      Proceed to take her on daily walks for 4 days in 4 different states.

5.      Lock her in a hotel for a couple days then move her to a second floor apartment.

6.      After about two weeks of her driving you absolutely insane, feel free to hook her up to her leash.

7.      Cats tend to lay down a bit the first couple times. Just lift up her front legs a little and encourage her to move forward.

8.      Repeat any necessary steps as needed. If you are ever at anytime discouraged, take heart! You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

A note: Don’t get so caught up thinking about a brilliant blog post idea that you forget to look where you are walking. This might result in her stepping on a snake. The snake might look up and you might see it and scream. At this abnormal sound, your cat will be startled and you both will run across the courtyard at 93 miles an hour whist screaming to get back to the apartment so you can cry on your mother’s shoulder and your cat can hide under the bed. I’m not speaking from experience or anything. *Ahem.* After that experience, your cat will probably be scared for life and will never let you walk her again. Still not talking from experience or anything like that at all.  

~Rachel Joy

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