Monday, July 20, 2015

The Firefly Dance

The frogs started the party,
When one young frog let out a squeak.
His dad felt the notes in his heart and his soul
And let out a deep mellow creak.

A firefly couple started the dancing
With a shimmy, a hop and a slide,
And the dance floor was soon filled
With insects of all shape and size.

A twinkle like fairies,
And a spin on the lawn
--The merriment was on in full swing
On that warm summer eve on the glen.

A Cardinal swoops in with his mate.
With a laugh and a flutter of wings
They too join the firefly dance;
And are quickly the king and queen.

With a flash of fur and a long winded chatter,
From a branch quite close to the ground,
Old Grandmother Squirrel has a thing to say
To the couples having a night on the town.

The Grandfather oak in the court yard
Just laughs with a shake of his head.
The long grass quivers in agreement,
Then whisper among themselves.

Our fireflies pay no attention!
Just swing, and shake to the toon
Of the frogs that are singing a song
Happily under that tree.

Slowly—quite slowly
Like molasses or possibly pudding
Out of a darkening sky
Comes a host full of stars.

They smile and nod at the dancers,
And try out some moves of their own.
The way that they sparkle and skip—in their own special way
Add more depth to our simple scene.

The frogs are joined by the crickets.
Oh how they fiddle away!
Writing a sweet melody
With a tenor that completes all the night.

A humble spectator I stand
Just watching this happen with glee,
On a perfect warm summers eve,
In the old glen near to my home.

One thing that I saw that our party did not
Was the night of the dreamers and lovers on foot.
Two lovers—not young but in love nonetheless
And their children, racing on foot.

Their dreams are the boldest,
Their ambitions are huge and outlandish
Adventures unknown are ahead.
But on this magical night—all could happen it seems.

Unsure of their future,
But trusting in God to provide
Believing in his Sovereign name
And knowing that he knows what’s best.

Yes, this night is one for the dreamers.
Of adventures, ideas and plans.
One of peace—and good Southern Cookin’.
Mainly because of that one little frog…

~Rachel Joy

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