Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm Ready

I’m ready to stand
I’m ready to take on the world
I’m ready to be bold
I’m ready to be who God’s made me to be.

These tears may still come,
But they are not a chain anymore
I will stand upon what I believe,
And I will be strong.

Not by myself…
Because I’m not strong enough for that
But with my shepherd by my side.
Keeping me from falling every step of the way.

Those mountains in the distance?
We will climb them with peace and ease
In those darkest valleys,
He will teach me how to soar.

Through the tears so overwhelming
He will continue to be sovereign
He will make me brave through all that life brings
He will hold me fast.

Not by my strength nor by my power,
But by the mighty arms of my Savior
By his strength and power
And by knowing that he is the redeeming King.

~Rachel Joy

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