Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Little Birthday Party!!

*Insert me singing some off key song that I just made up.*
Today is my one year Blogiversery! So I thought I would share some cake, and tell a lighthearted story to all of you. Enjoy!

Once upon a time in a bed room far far away.... I dreamed up this really crazy dream of blogging. Granted I was way too young to be entered into that world and I’m very glad that those 13 year old thoughts were not published on the internet.

Not that I had a name picked out--or the guts to even ask my parents, so I’m not quite sure what I was thinking, but that was my little secret idea.

I had these notebooks that I created amazing stories in, that if I ever got a blog, I would publish. (Want to guess how many of those I have actually published? It rhymes with zero.)
And every night diligently, I would write in these, making up stories and just having fun.

About two years later I finally did get the guts to ask my parents if I could blog. So I wrote them a letter.

Left the letter in my desk for a couple months…
Then put the letter on my mom’s dresser…
Then took it back…
Then did that about nine times before I finally was like. “Ok, you can do this Rachel.”

Yeah. That’s just what kind of person I am apparently.

The next morning my mom was like, “So. I hear you want to blog.” And I’m like, “well… yeah.”

And then they were like, “Ok sure! Why not!”

*Slow blink.*

I don’t know what I thought they would say, but certainly not that.

So, I cried a little. (I do that.)
And then I was like, “Ok. Let me buckle up and write.”
So that’s what happened next. I just wrote… lots actually.

I started a tidy little blog. It was cute, frustrating, but cute.

(Anyone remember the “507 Bad Gateway” thing that would pop up? That was the bane of my life for the longest time… )

Then, at the beginning of the year I was like, “Ok. This is frustrating, I’m just gonna re-do this.” And with help, it worked out into this.
It’s been awesome.

Little did I know when I started making random little notes that it would turn into this!
I kind thought I would have a little flat lining blog that no one would read… so this has been a God thing!

Even a year ago, I won’t have thought that the things that are happening this week would be happening. (Are you kidding? I thought I would be still sitting on my olive green couch in Washington… for starters.)

It’s one of those times when you can see that God is sovereign over all that we do, and all we ever do. Because the plan I made for my future would have been way different, but wouldn’t be the best plan—like the one God has for me.

So that’s my little birthday party story! Hope you all enjoyed the invisible cake, and thank you all so much for listening to my random rambings. It's been an amazing year, and I'm looking forward to sharing many more adventures and notes with all of you. :) 

~Rachel Joy

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