Sunday, June 28, 2015

In the Empty

The boxes are packed,
The couches are gone.
The house echoes
And it’s so quiet...

In the empty of this house,
In the aloneness of my thoughts
And in the quiet
I find myself seeking.

Seeking noise.
Seeking hope.
Seeking peace.
Seeking something…

Seeking sanctuary in the messiness.
Rest for my weariness.
Peace when I’m frazzled.
And hope for those crazy moments.

This castle that I built here.
Those scattered hopes,
Those brilliant (I’m sure) ideas
And crazy times…

All written away into the pages of history.
A new page has been turned.
A new life to be lived.
And old traditions to be upheld.

New questions to be asked,
New ideas to be thought.
A new world to be explored,
And old habits to replace.

But in the empty of these halls,
In the echoes of this corridor,
In the pounding noiselessness of the place I once called home
In the screaming silence of this mansion.

I know that letting go…
Letting go of my small claim on this world,
Letting go of what I had my castle in the sky built to
And giving into surrender…

Letting go of what I know,
Letting go of what I thought my life would bring,
And stepping into the unknown.
The great unknown…

But He is standing there,
Standing in the unknown…
Waiting and watching me.
Holding me.

He sees me sitting there,
In my empty mansion,
He here.
He is guarding me through these trials.

He is the way through the storm,
And the filling for the empty.
He is the hope when I see none,
And in that, I will put my trust. 

~Rachel Joy

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