Friday, June 5, 2015

He Knows....

Knowing that God knows my name,
The same God who created the stars,
The same King who rules the heavens and earth,
Knows my name. 

Knowing the the Creator of Heaven and Earth
Has my days planned,
Better then the ink on my calender!
That's amazing to me.

Knowing the Prince of Peace,
Shed his blood for my sins,
And that he loves me
Beyond what my perception of love is...

Knowing that The Lord of Lords,
Is helping me stand strong,
Even though the world is crazy
And even when I don't know how to stand.

Knowing that the Good Shepherd,
Is walking with me through the valley,
That he is guarding me in the shadow of death...
Gives me hope.

Knowing that my God is Sovereign.
Sovereign over the storms of life,
And sovereign when everything is peaceful...
Just knowing he is Sovereign... 

Knowing that My God will sustain me,
And that he wants whats best for me...
That he will feed me manna even in the wilderness...
That is mind blowing.

He wrote my name on the palm of his hand.
He knew me before I was born.
He knew the thoughts that I would think....
Before I breathed my first breath.

He will sustain me.
He will uphold me.
He will go before me
And he will never leave me.

And because of him I can find rest.
I can have hope,
Because his plans are always to prosper,
And he has not forgotten us.

~Rachel Joy

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