Friday, May 22, 2015

Through My Lens

As a quick note: I was not intending to publish this, but I realized that I had never published anything fiction on Notes, and I was like, "Hey, I should get around to that someday." Well... Then my English Teacher really enjoyed it,  and my mom was like, "Yeah! you should do that!" so I was like, "This kinda has a deeper meaning... ish. Maybe I'll do it." So apparently I am. 

 Through my lens, I’m nothing of extraordinary beauty. Not really sleek, nor shiny with nothing really graceful to look at. I’m in no way light, and quite frankly I don’t know why anyone would take me anywhere. I’m heavy and made of a dark black plastic. What fun is that really? I’m not so sure…

  The only thing extraordinary about me is the things I have gotten to experience. I’ve gotten to see a mother caress her new born child for the first time. I’ve watched many happy families, dancing couples, racing cars and seen many beautiful rolling country sides. All of which, I have felt unworthy of, but have watched with pleasure.  I love seeing these things, over and over. It fills me with great joy to watch many lifetimes pass by—although I never feel worthy of it. I’ve never felt that this life is one that I’m creditable to live.

The more I thought about this, the more complex this issue became. When I am not in use, my life is pointless. I live blinded to the world and to light, and then comes the light, and I am in use! There are many adventures and grand gallivants across the country. Many things that I can see and explore. Things that I never would have guessed could have happened to me—they happened. Me and my heavy black case and cumbersome weight, used to see and capture beauty? How mind boggling is that?

I have been told that I have a manual. That someone created me to do a special job. That they made me with this overly large case to do what I love to do most--To see the world and to watch the stars come out and to watch the sun come up. I’m not sure why this person created me like this. I would rather be small, sleek and fast. But I’m not.

Something like me has the ability to witness this. To live, almost like a king in my black bag, and to see so many gems of rare beauty. I love every moment of this. I love looking through this lens, because through it so many amazing things have happened. Living is a gift that I so often take for granted, just because I don’t look the part. But I do have a purpose and a reason for existing. To help capture this grand light and to pass it down through the generations. To help people remember that they have had good times. So that in the bad times they will remember the good, that the bad times  will pass and there will be good days someday.

 Even though I may not look the best or the strongest, I was created to do something. Something that is amazing and beautiful. And that is something I will hold dear, even if the wind blows and I feel the need to shudder, I will still know that I have a purpose! Because I do, and it’s amazing. 

~Rachel Joy

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