Friday, May 1, 2015

I wish I was a Turtle

I wish I was a turtle.
Who could live in the same shell forever.
“Who needs to see me!” a turtle would say.
“I live in a shell! I don’t even exist.”

Turtles have all the luck.
They have something to hide under.
And when they hide its okay.
Because turtles where just born to hide.

When turtles hide,
It’s normal for turtles.
It’s just what they do.

Turtles always think happy thoughts.
“Oh my!” they think.
“Bubbles and rainbows. Perhaps a bit of lettuce”
That’s all they can think about.

When I hide it looks funny…
 Not at all like when turtles hide.
And I never think about lettuce.
(That’s just weird.)

I wish I could live under a shell.
I wish I could hide whenever I wanted to.
Life would just be easier that way.

But I wasn’t created a turtle.
Which is so sad, I know.
I was made a human.
And that’s all. Just a human…

You see, I can’t hide.
Which must make me a warrior.
Because warriors can’t hide.
They have to always stand strong.

A good warrior knows how to conquer the world.
How to be strong and courageous
How to lead, and doesn’t know how to fear.

And I’m not a warrior.
And I don’t think I’m a turtle
That must make me something else.
(So profound. I know.)

Perhaps I’m a princess.
Or maybe a philosopher.
Maybe a poet…
No. Not that at all.

And then an identity crisis sets in.
I’m not strong like a warrior, nor gracefully like a princess…
Then what am I?

Perhaps then I am a learning adventurer.
Perhaps then I am child of the King.
Perhaps then I am a peculiar treasure of God.
Yes… yes… that’s what I am.

Not a turtle
(Because God didn’t make me one of those.)
But someone who can lift up their eyes up to the Creator of the world.
Someone who can believe that they were created for a purpose.

Because that’s me.
Maybe not a strong and mighty warrior yet,
But definitely created for a purpose.
And definitely not a turtle.

~Rachel Joy

This is just some random poetry that I found hanging around in a notebook, and I thought I would share.

Because I find this a little morbid and weird I thought I would say a little bit more about this.

You were created just the way you are for a reason and a purpose. You are a Child of the King, and you are loved. I know it's so hard to live like you're loved and that you are created for a reason.

He has your entire future planned out and it will be amazing. When we live like we are loved, when we live like we've been set free, something amazing happens.

We learn to surrender. We learn to love. We learn to believe that Jesus truly is the Redeeming King.

Ok. Now I'm actually done. Have an amazing weekend everyone!

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