Thursday, April 9, 2015

Through the Storm....

I open my eyes
It’s a brand new day.
I stare at the clock,
It clicks the hours, one at a time.

First one minute then the next,
I sit and stare at each of the numbers passing
Each one goes by so quickly, yet not at all.
And then I close my eyes.

I’m too cold to ever be warm again
Too empty to be full
Too tired to sit still
And much too awake to ever sleep.

So I just sit there and breathe.
Breathing in nothing
Just existing—not what I want to do.
Floating… in a sea of nothing.

The tide keeps rising.
I can’t fight it.
The waves crash so loudly.
And the tide is rising so quickly…

With each crashing wave,
The clock grows louder.
Pounding in my skull
Crushing me.

Drowning me.
Tick… tock
Splash… pound…

I feel myself spinning through the noise
I can’t think…
I can’t breathe…
I am gone…

It’s so loud…
So busy…

Be Still.”  A voice like thunder roars.
Be still…
The wind and the waves obey that voice.
With two words, my storm quiets.

Be still.
And the silence begins again.
So quiet…
So still…

I hear the flap of eagle wings over head
But other than that…
It is so quiet…

“Be still” the voice whispered in my storm.
And it was so quiet.
A powerful voice.
A strong voice.

With a breath of wind the voice continues.
I know the hairs on your head.
And the trials you will face.
But my child, be still and know I am your defender.

I am your strong tower.
I am your protection.
I am your anchor of hope.
I am your Sovereign defender.”

I am your anchor in the storm.”
I am the Lord over the tides.  
I am the one who gives you each new breath.
I am sovereign over the waves.”

And with those words,
My alarm goes off
I wake up
And open my eyes

Breathe in.
Breathe out.
The clock is ticking

Each moment is precious
A precious moment.
Contemplating that dream…
A dream about my King.

He is sovereign over the wind and waves.
He is king over my storm.
He is LORD over the tides

He has a plan...

~Rachel Joy 

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