Friday, March 13, 2015

What the Cross Means to Me: Forever

I love the word forever. It is one of my all time favorite words. To think about the word forever and to truly understand what it means… it’s a powerful word. It means that it won’t pass away. Forever means that death is truly beaten because of what Christ did on the cross. Forever means that it won’t pass away or change.

Forever means for all of eternity.

Forever means that it always will, always has and always will be.

To think about the power of forever… the fact that where Jesus died he died for me? Forever? That he’s love continues Forever? That he will forever be? That no matter how far I fall he will still love me? That he is Forever strong??  That Christ will reign forever?? That someday we will go live in a forever kingdom?? That blows my mind…

(I have noticed myself saying that a lot during this series … I’m sorry. It’s just appropriate to say because my mind truly is blown. Christ and his great love is so deep and his truth that we live in is perfect… and its’ just mind blowing!)

You see, one thing that you should know is that I don’t like change. I don’t like it when things don’t go my way. I like to think of everything as forever. I like thinking that right here, sitting cross legged with my Nutella snack and the sun shining down on my hair, that all is right with the world. That the text on my phone that I just got is my best friend is telling me something joyful (And probably homework related.) (Which it was.) That this live that I’m living will just carry on forever.  

And thinking about changing any of that… scares the living socks off me. (Where did that come from? Living socks… Be warned world, someday I will be an adult!)

Unfortunately, not everything is forever. So… that sometimes that just doesn’t work out.

But the truth and the power of the Gospel will last forever. The arms of my Savior will be forever strong.

And that gives me hope. The power behind forever… it’s deep!

He will rule forever.

No matter what happens today or tomorrow Jesus will still be the Forever king.

Rachel Joy

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