Sunday, March 1, 2015

Surprise Sunday!

Hello! I know this is probably a surprise to you all, but I'm blogging today. (And tomorrow too!)

I don't really have a reason, it's just I have a post ready that won't go with my theme and I'm like, "Why not??"

So, without further ado:
Lessons we can learn from #TheDress

Yes. I am writing a blog post about #TheDress. Be impressed world. I am just like the rest of you who saw this and was like, “Oh my word! What color is it really? Am I crazy? What is going on in this world?" Personally I am quite tired of talking about it, so I’m going to write a blog post about it then can we just leave it alone? Like, for the rest of ever?

So,  for all of you who don’t know about this dress, it is a naturally blue and black dress that was photographed in bad lighting-which made some people see it in gold and white. (Just for the record, in the Schaus house, I am the only one who saw it in blue and black.)

Lesson number 1: Having a bad light fools so many people. And leads them astray. Had the lighting on the dress been good, then none of this would have happened.

You know, in the bible we are told to be a light to the world. But what are we lighting? We need to be a light to the truth of the gospel, not a false light.

Oh Wednesdays I am taking The Truth Project with my church group, and in the first episode Del Tackett (The professor) asked the class “Why did Jesus come to the earth?”

Really, that is a deep question. Off the top of your head, you are like, “Yeah! Why did Jesus come to the earth?

And I guess there are a lot of answers. “To die for the sins of many” would be a good answer. But the answer that Mr. Tackett was looking for was “To testify to the truth.”

We need to be a light that testifies to the truth. A light that not only shines brightly for all to see, but also to bring truth into the lives of people.

Lesson Number 2: Live a non-confusing life.

I know that in my life, I can look pretty perfect. Like, I have talents and abilities that… kinda rock. Like I can sing, write a blog post,  get an “A” in a chemistry test and bake a batch of cookies. And if I tried, I could probably do them all at the same time. (Ok. Maybe not the Chemistry test at the same time. But I could try.) I am good at looking perfect on the outside. But most of the time what is happening in my brain is a mess! Like, keep a congruent thought in my head for thirty seconds straight? That doesn’t happen. In the same way, the dress looked like something impressive. Really, something beautiful and perfect. But it was confusing!

That is something I don’t want to do. I don’t want to look like I have it together but to just be a big confusion to the world. I want the words that I say and my actions to shine like a light in the dark. A light that can be found blameless.

Lesson number 3: Everyone has their own opinion... And that is OK. 

I’m gonna take a moment and call me out on this too. *Sigh*
We all fell for this “Internet sensation.” Like, pretty quickly. In this case it was fine. No one was hurt and really there was no point to it, so it was all cool. But still, if you think about it this was pointless! Dude, there was all out quarreling  about something so pointless!

Like, for real? Why? It was so stupid!

Opinions are something that we all have. In my opinion, chocolate is the best, most healthy food you could ever eat! But am I right?

In my mom’s opinion, chocolate is awesome, but probably not the most healthy food you could eat.
So see, we have different opinions, but no one is going to yell and scream about it. It’s really not that big of a deal.

Everyone has a different opinion and that’s ok. We don’t all have to agree with you.  

Let it Go. 

So yeah. That's all! I'll be back with more Notes from my corner of creation tomorrow! 

Rachel Joy

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