Sunday, March 22, 2015

Confessions of this Teenage Blogger

Dear world,
I have a couple confessions...

1. If I see that I have a view from a difference country, I do make up amazing stories about you. Like, for example, (Dear awesome person from Poland, I'm going to pick on you for a moment, mainly because I have been to Poland) In my imagination, you live in a little cottage in the middle of a field with long grass and an echoing valley. In the spring you occasionally wear flowers in your hair and dance on the cobblestone streets of the city nearby. And I know that you probably don't, but in my imagination, you do.

Also, while I was writing that point, I started googling some of the other countries that I have hits from. I now have a huge list of places I want to go someday, because it all looks so unique and beautiful! It would be breathtaking to see these places! (Someday!)

2. While I write, I occasionally listen to Christmas music. And usually if I'm not listening to Christmas music, I am listening to the soundtrack for Frozen. (What? It's normal for 16 year olds to be obsessed with Frozen... right?)

3. I almost always write in my pajamas.

4. I literally can not spell to save a life. A couple weeks ago I was at co-op and I wrote, "Noisy" up on the white board. Only... I spelled it N-O-I-C-E-Y... Because I'm just talented like that, apparently.

On that note, my handwriting is equally horrific. I usually write my 'rough draft' by hand and can I tell you that I usually can't read a word of it? Like, it takes a detective to figure out what I was even trying to write originally.

5. Behind the scenes here, I have a couple cool little buttons. One says, "Drafts," one says, "Published" and one says "All."

And here is what happens. I will start with, about 9 drafts. Which is awesome! But what happens is I get so used to having those 9 posts that I become okay with just half finishing all the other posts. Then I'll look and my little drafts button will have an awesome "1" next to it... and that is code for "Rachel you need to write endings for all those blog posts that you haven't finished."

Which leads to a half frazzled writing adventure! Which is lots of fun! (Literally, it is! I love writing so, it's fun!)

(This is not one of those, I just wanted to write another Surprise Sunday for you. So I did. :D )

Okay.. There are more. (Many, many more... but my shred of dignity and I are going to stop... Maybe I'll do another one at some point... maybe.)

Have an awesome week everyone! And I'll be back tomorrow!

Rachel Joy

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