Monday, February 23, 2015

Taking a Moment to Think....

I am going to take a moment from the regularly scheduled programming to talk about the Israelites and freedom. My co-op group has been talking about them, quite often, and I have a brief random thought to share!

If I were standing in Moses’ shoes, I would probably be the world’s worst leader. And I bet that they were no fun to lead either! I mean for real… They were stuck up and they complained all the time. They complained when they were slaves saying “I want to be free!” And then they complained when they were free saying “Life was way better when we were slaves!”

Here I am reading my Bible thinking, “Dude! Ya’ll! Make up your minds!!”

But… in reality, I don’t think the Israelites knew how to live in freedom. They were so used to living in slavery that I wonder if they even knew what freedom was. Much less how to live it.

They were so used to being told what to do, and being told how to do what they needed to do, and told how to do what they needed to do that maybe they didn’t even know what freedom was.

Now…. To take this thought a little further, are we living in freedom??

You are probably going to see this a lot over the next couple weeks, mainly because I am so good at thinking things out then realize that made a stupid miscalculation (such as… oh… I don’t know. Double scheduling myself. No… I won’t do that… right?? *Winces*)

My logic on the subject of freedom is that you are either:
A.      Free (free indeed in Christ.)
B.      A Slave (because apparently captive isn’t a strong enough word for me in this case.)

If you have not found your freedom in Christ and in him alone, then you are a slave. You are a slave to sin and a slave to the lies you have allowed yourself to believe.

Perhaps we are more like the Israelites then we chose to believe. We are stuck wondering how to be free, but not sure how to do it, so we just complain about everything, (Perhaps complain is the wrong word. We pretend that we were happier in slavery and that freedom is overrated and because of that, chose not to live as free as we truly are. Does that make sense or am I just rambling??)

Perhaps we aren’t “Free Indeed” as Jesus says we could be in John 8:36...
Perhaps we are more like the Israelites then we like to think we are...
Perhaps the "freedom" that we know isn't the freedom that we could have... 

Just a thought…

Rachel Joy

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