Saturday, May 30, 2015

Notes From Floating on a River

“This is the life,” I thought as I floated lazily on a river near my grandparents house. The sun was shining merrily down on the sparkling grey water and on me in my little yellow raft. Wakes from the nearby speedboats made my raft bob in a relaxing, way-that made me want to sleep.

Then, I started to think, “If this is the life, then what about all 364 days of the year when I do the rest of my life.” Even thought I call having fun and realizing “The life” the times when I am truly living is usually not as much fun.

And with that thought, I opened my eyes, and looked up at the clear blue sky. I noted that my boat was slowly drifting toward the shore. I grabbed my oars and rowed back to my original spot.
Closing my eyes, I returned to my philosophizing.

“Perhaps I am made to do more than float lazily on a river,” I thought. And in my heart, I knew that was the right answer.

The Great commission says to, “Go into all the world.” (Matt 28:19)  It doesn’t say, “Wait around and hope the whole world comes to you.” At least, that’s not how I read it.

Paul (The Dude who wrote most of the New Testament) loved his job. Even thought it was hard, (he almost got killed, people hated him, he didn’t get paid… Sounds like a dream!)He loved it.

In 1 Corinthians 9:23 he even goes as far as to say, “I do all this because of the Good News…” after saying all his hard ships. In the same chapter he says, “I would rather die than have my reason for bragging [The bible and the Good News] taken away.” (1 Cor. 9:15b) Man, I don’t think those two verses belong in the same chapter!

Paul gave his all to Jesus to further the kingdom of God and he never gave up in living to his fullest- even when it wasn’t “Fun” and from what I understand, not much of it was.

I open my eyes when I feel a gentle ‘thump.’ My raft had drifted to shore.

The soft warm breeze made me think, “Maybe I should go live the real “life”” and with that, I packed my bags and walked away with a new purpose and reason for living.

Rachel Joy Editor in chief of: “Notes from My Corner of Creation.”

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