Saturday, January 31, 2015

Notes About My Cat

As some of you may know, I have a cat. Although her name is Precious, it should be, “dork-o-face.” She is such a nut. She will take her toys for, “walks,” (one of them being a red clown wig that she dragged around for awhile.) And she will meow at the door for *really* long periods of time. (It kind of makes me think of Colton Dixons’ “Noise”.  “Everyday’s a car alarm. That I don’t know how to disarm”…)

One of her all time favorite games would be to ketch the drips from the sink. I have mastered the art of turning the water on just enough to make the sink drip. (I know. I’m “that crazy cat lady.” )

Anyway, one day I was watching her play, and she was just getting really wet and she was having a really great time. Well… I thought “if a little is a lot of fun. Then a lot will be a lot more fun.” So I cranked up the water a little. She didn’t like that.

She jumped out and car alarmed at me. So I turned it back down. She jumped right back in and started batting at the water and having a great time, like nothing had ever happened.

“Wow” I thought. After about five minutes of watching her play, I turned off the water park and headed to my room.

Precious loved the water as long as she could control it. But, after it got out of control, she jumped out, and totally flaked out, even though nothing had really happened. Then, once she thought she could control it again, she got right back in.

This got me thinking.

Perhaps as Christians we get close to sin but as long as we can control it, we think its ok. Then things might get hairy so we jump out and say, “Oh. My bad!” then, once the preverbal heat gets turned down, we go back.

I’m that way with cookie dough. When my mom isn’t in the kitchen, I’ll eat it, but when she’s not… *Yum*.

The bible says to “Flee from the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace…” (2 Timothy 2:22a)
The word “flee” literally means, “Run away from a place or situation of danger.”

Imagine how you would run if you knew your life was in danger.

I don’t know about you, but I would run a lot faster than I do when I play tag. (Although some games of tag that I’ve played are “to the death.” So….)

But know often do we reach for sin? Thinking “well… as long as I don’t get caught” or “As long as I have control over it, it will be ok.” (Like I eat cookie dough.)

One more thing. 2 Timothy 4:6-7 says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

Perhaps our fleeing is a race. And perhaps, the finish line is heavens gates. Perhaps the moment we began our race is the moment we believe in Jesus as our savior.

(Random Rachel moment: running with swords. Swords are cool. But would that be like running with Scissors?)

The 2 Timothy verse continues with this, “Now, a crown is being held out before me-a crown for being right with God. The Lord, the judge who judges rightly, will give that crown to me on that day.…”

My dad is a runner. Last time I asked, he ran 10 miles a day. Anyway, at one race he ran, he got a medal at the end. It was kind of cool, but perhaps our medal is a crown (with is even cooler.)
Perhaps, like a race, we have our fellow Christian friends running right next to us. “Keep going!” they may say when we feel low. “You can do it!” You yell when they say they are going to give up.

Fleeing. Fleeing from evil. Running from the things that we know will hurt us in the long run.
Running the race God has set before us.

Rachel Joy Editor in Chief of “Notes from my Corner of Creation.”

PS: sorry for the really harsh ending. I’m not very good at slam bang endings, so sometimes I’ll just stop.

PSS: I have some really cool changes coming to this blog soon. (Soon being whenever I can figure out how to make them work.) so don’t worry about it when a whole ton of awesome stuff happens. 

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