Saturday, January 31, 2015

I am Lifted

This post is probably going to be really short, mainly because I have so much going on around me. We are getting ready for my Grandpas Funeral that is happening tomorrow. The whole family is around, and it’s been amazing to see everyone and talk to everyone, but it’s still hard. So if you’re reading this, I would really appreciate you prayers.

Have you ever been sick? Quite unfortunately,  I have been sick many times more than I care to recount. And sometimes when I’m sick, my mom does this really sweet thing where she picks me up, and carries me someplace.

But because I’m really weird, I am morbidly afraid of her dropping me. I know that she won’t, but I am afraid that she will.
So pretty much I tough up and walk even if it involves walking straight into doorways. (Basically, I’m trying to say that I do it, but it’s pretty stupid and I should have just let her carry me.)

And I started wondering if maybe we do that with God sometimes.

Are we so afraid that he will ‘drop’ us that we don’t let him carry us?
When really, that is what is best for us??

When we are weak, he will lift us up on “wings like eagles” (Isaiah 40:31)
He will carry us when we are to tired to carry on.
He will fight for us, when we can’t.

We just have to let him.

But holding something that is screaming and yelling, doesn’t work out well.

Have you ever held a baby?? 

They do this really cute thing, where they fall asleep on you, and there little eyes are closed, and they are… just so cute!

But they have to trust you first. They don’t just get dropped in someones arms, and fall right to sleep. And when they are screaming they never fall to sleep.
In the same way, we have to trust that God will hold us.  That he won’t drop us. That he will hold us close, even when the world is going crazy.

When we find rest in Christ. Things change.

He will give you rest. He will. He will carry you.

And he won’t drop you, because he has a great love for all of us.

You can find your rest in Christ. And then, and only then, you will be made strong again.

I am lifted.
I am lifted up in the arms of Christ.
He is holding me close and making me strong again.

Rachel Joy

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