About Me!

Hello world! 

I'm Rachel Joy, and welcome to my blog, Noteworthy. 

In this 'about me' section I'm supposed to tell you about me. 

Firstly, I am a story teller. I tell stories from how work was, to stories that preach the name of Jesus. 

I am a poet, I write poetry about struggles and my random thoughts. 

I am a photographer. I like to capture the moments I can see with my eyes, and it's something I love. 

I am also a barista at a local coffee shop in Smalltown Oklahoma. I smell like coffee most of the time. 

I also struggle with making coherent thoughts--thus why one of the things in my header is 'rambles.'. 

I have a deep longing to travel. More then anything, I want to spread the name of Jesus to all the ends of the earth. 

Let me know what you think of my corner of creation in the comments of any post! I'm so glad that you stopped in, and I hope to hear from you again soon!

In Christ Alone, 

~Rachel Joy

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