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On Llamas and Other Current Events

 My toddler seems to think that bed time is a negotiable part of our day, and she specifically seems to think that its negotiable while she's standing in the middle of my living room screaming that she's not tired and she doesn't need to sleep. You see, she fears the dark. We have a specific routine we have to do or she will wake up at usually 3 am screaming because her room is dark.  Which is fine, we're accustomed to it and honestly everything is better than being woken up at 3 am.  Part of our routine involves this little stuffed llama that she's slept with since she was six months old, which again, hasn't been a problem because we hardly ever deviate from her schedule.  When the snow storms hit Texas and Oklahoma, our apartment complex lost water and power for around three days. Because we have two small children who need water and power, we made the decision to go to grandmas house until we got one of the two basic life needs back.  On our way out the door,

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